5 San Francisco Places That Feel Like Another Country

Poke around San Francisco’s Richmond District to discover five spots that can transport you to another part of the world. Within this neighborhood hugging the Pacific Ocean at its western end and surrounded by the expansive green spaces of Golden Gate Park and the Presidio, there are mini-foreign adventures to discover.

Wilhelmina and Windmills

There is likely no single item more closely aligned with the imagery of Holland than the windmill. Not one, but two historic windmills grace the western edge of Golden Gate Park near the Pacific coast. The Dutch Windmill and the Murphy Windmill, exceptionally tall at 75 feet and 95 feet, cannot easily be missed.

Authetic-feeling slices of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dublin, and London are all found in one neighborhood.


A Dutch Windmill by the Pacific in San Francisco

A Dutch Windmill by the Pacific in San Francisco

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