10 Simple Reasons Why My Favorite Recipe Blogs Beat Cookbooks

Cookbooks. It’s a $500 million dollar-plus business just in the United States alone. Popular since the settlement of the Virginia colony some 400 years ago, despite Americans cooking less frequently at home and notwithstanding the astronomical rise of internet use, cookbooks remain big business for publishers. Sales of cookbooks figure in at nearly 10% of all books sold nationwide.

Take a look at all the cookbooks you have probably got lined up on the kitchen shelf or perhaps even stored in boxes. Some may be old and trusted friends with sentimental value, handed down from mother or given to you as gifts over the years. Several are likely to be collecting dust and are rarely, if ever, opened. Your cookbook collection may represent an investment of hundreds of dollars, even if you are not a dedicated cook.
My favorite recipe blog is SauceandSensibility.com

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2 responses to “10 Simple Reasons Why My Favorite Recipe Blogs Beat Cookbooks

  1. I totally agree! I like having a picture to look at for every recipe I make and only the most expensive ones have that – the rest are just words and never capture my attention. But the food blogs I follow always have pictures and that’s such a nice touch. Yay for blogs!

  2. Thank you to sharing helpful information

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